International Centre for
Electoral Psychology

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About ICEP

The International Centre for Electoral Psychology is a research-oriented organisation, which focuses on the understanding of the psychology of voters and the optimisation of the ergonomy of electoral mechanisms to best fit the profiles of the voters of specific countries with the objective of making elections as effective, trusted, and democratically fulfilling for citizens as possible.

ICEP provides solutions to National Governments, Electoral Commissions, International Organisations, and private clients, offering numerous services including:

  • Audit and expertise of existing electoral technologies
  • Optimisation of electoral systems
  • Advice and expertise on the optimisation and tailoring of the choice of new electoral technologies
  • Research on voters' psychology, perceptions of democracy, trust enhancement, systems transparency
  • Training of election officials

Our team includes some of the most internationally recognised experts and practitioners with decades of expertise in the field of electioneering.