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Forthcoming Events
Event Title : Professional Certificate in Electoral Processes
Event Location : London, UK
Event Date : 2013-03-18

Event Detail : This is a specialist training course leading to a Level 5 CMI Certificate in Management and Leadership. It provides the essential skills for managing the electoral process from beginning to end, and covers a comprehensive range of subjects such as: voter registration, the role of technology, working with stakeholders, communication strategies, project management, managing data, training personnel, electoral psychology, managing polling day, awarding and managing contracts, holding the ballot count, technology and counting the vote, ensuring robustness and transparency, working with EOMs and the media, delivering reliable and internationally credible results. This is a one week course takeing place in London from 18th - 22nd March 2013, although we are also able to organise the course in your own country if this is your preference. It is internationally recognised and gives you highly sought after transferable CATS points.